Fake it & Flaunt it: Getting the Perfect Lawn

We all want that perfect golf course lawn, just look at it…

Green Lawn in Landscaped Formal Garden

It’s even, trimmed, weed free and GREEN! But with the hot summer coming, many districts are enforcing water conservation and that can lead to a very toasty lawn. If you’re in Durham Region, you can click HERE to learn about the regions water conservation.

So what is a homeowner to do? Weed, mow, water, fertilize, weed, mow, water and fertilize… The very real fact is that not all of us have the time to maintain our lawn to the standards we’d ideally like. How many of us have sighed over having to spend our Saturday on the lawn when we’d rather spend that time on our family and friends?


We can tell you how!

We recently did a fantastic project for a client and we are so thrilled by the results that we thought we’d walk you through the entire process.

This is what we started with. Please note the lack of entertaining space and very patchy lawn.


Using our imaging software, we created a plan for our client. We worked out the perfect backyard barbecue area for their entertaining needs and still kept some green. 2

The ground has been broken! Let the construction begin!   1433273136056



Are you ready for the big reveal?


Doesn’t this deck just scream summer bbq? The best part? CHECK OUT THIS LAWN! It’s luscious, full, and has ZERO maintenance (Yes, that is right.) It’s hard to believe this isn’t real grass, the technology for artificial turf has come so far! This is not your fake plastic bag turf. It’s thick and detailed, it seams beautifully, and best of all, it gives you back YOUR time. So go, sit on your new deck, sip a beer and enjoy your beautiful lawn.


Here we are unrolling the lawn, and getting it ready for install.

Snapchat--748358441293083471And what would a job well done be without a quality test? We love this product, and we firmly stand behind it. It simply works, and what better way to have a perfect, green, maintenance free lawn?