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We love our earth! Who doesn’t? And we take great pride in our ability to be eco-friendly while building beautiful spaces. Here are our 3 favourite ways to be friendly to our planet!




Habitat for Humanity has been one of our favourite organizations to support for some time now. We have volunteered time, finances and energy into it and the best part is that it all goes right back to our community. We also donate used kitchens, baths and building materials to them to use in house production or to be sold in their ReStores. All in all, it is a brilliant organization and one we highly recommend supporting. It helps take usable materials out of the landfills and put them back into the community where they are needed.



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Now that Spring has finally sprung, Beth is busy planning and planting the vegetable garden. With this comes less food waste, more compost and less processed foods (Which is good for everyone!) By eating locally grown produce (whether your grow it or buy it) helps reduce the footprint of importing food. Closer food means less trucks, less preservatives and more money going back into local farmers. Click Here for a list of local farmers markets from Durham Farm Fresh.





At our office, we do things a little differently. Squirrels, birds, rabbits, and even crows are viewed as friends and not pests. We build them houses, feeders and sometimes even circuses. The crows come for peanuts at a certain time of day and we enjoy watching all the animals skitter around the yard. Below is a picture of the squirrel circus that Jeff and his granddaughter, Olivia, built. Once they went inside, we watched as the squirrels climbed up the ropes and down the strings to get the nuts (those little acrobats were very entertaining).


We think it’s very important to take care of our part of the ecosystem. In return, the birds eat some of our bugs, the crows stop starlings from nesting on the house, the birds eat the seeds that the squirrels throw down and it ends up being a very harmonious system. We highly recommend considering your yard and adding a few bird houses or feeders. They are great to watch and provide homes and food for some of our planets smaller inhabitants.


Well, there you have it! Those are our 3 favourite ways to support the Earth this Earth day! Also, since we love our birds so much, we’ve decided to do one more GIVEAWAY! Post on our Facebook with your favourite thing about spring and we’ll draw a lucky winner for a new bird home!



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