Put a Pin in it!

It’s ok, we can all admit it… We love Pinterest! We love it so much that we have been inspired to integrate your love of Pinterest with our love of design! We have such wonderful and inspired clients and we think it’s great when they bring new ideas to the table.


So how does this client inspired design work? Well, it’s simple! We know you probably have been pinning away all your good ideas, and we appreciate seeing that dedication. Once we know what we’re designing, we send you a lovely welcome email and invite you to share your ideas on a Pinterest board created just for your project! This lets you pin all your great ideas, at all hours of the day, and gives us instant feedback on what you want, because that is the most important part of this process.


Our team finds so much inspiration by sifting through such a creative network of ideas. There is always something new and exciting that comes popping out at us. Whether it’s a new painting technique or a delicious recipe, we’re always happy to be pinning away. And we are so happy to be able to include you even more in the creative process. We want to know your ideas, inspirations and hopes for your new space and what better way than sharing a pin board with you?


Now that you know how wonderful it is, you should give it a try! Check out some of our boards by following us on Pinterest and you can stay up to date on some of our ongoing projects and favourite trends! Happy Pinning!




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