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Today our boys went to class! Now, I know that they are fully grown men with a business and tons of skills, BUT we at OTE know you’re never done learning. So with that knowledge, Kevin and Zak took 2 days in Toronto attending an innovation workshop for Schluter®-Systems. There they received training on the newest industry-approved ceramic and stone tile installation methods. Which means we can now do tiling jobs with the same excellent results with a more effective method.

Also, If you find yourself indecisive on which tile you’re looking for, we will happily bring in the Over The Edge Design team. They are the experts at selecting all finishes from counter tops to tiling to paint colors. They also have the capabilities to provide accurate 3D illustrations of your home with different tiling options! So you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you were dreaming of.

Have a look at the illustrations below and see how we can take your kitchen through different flooring options without the major commitment of ripping up your floors.

kitchen 2015-01-19 11105700000 kitchen 2015-01-19 11060800000 kitchen 2015-01-19 10593800000


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