From Master to Mastered

Five times a week, and sometimes 10-12 hours a day, we work, or we are commuting to and from work during a small portion of those hours. We contemplate being on time, getting our job done well, making sure we rest, eat and still use the bathroom throughout the day. Sometimes we even use our break time to get other things done, like paying bills, or getting groceries for dinner, or even Christmas shopping. After the day is done, we deal with our families; picking our kids up from school, making sure there is dinner, partnering with our spouse to keep the house clean, make sure the kids are bathed, and put them to bed and then at the very end of it all we get time for ourselves.

Really I shouldn’t say “we” because I am a stay-at-home mom, which entails a whole different structure of a day but I too only get time for myself once the day is done.

For this reason, the place where we lay our head down to rest has been given a ton of value. The bedroom. Our sanctuary when the trials and tribulations of the every-day are complete. Because such a high value is placed on this room of the home, it is quite important that we organize, design and decorate the master bedroom to our high standards.

Here are 5 important steps you can take to ensure that your master bedroom is the ultimate sanctuary…

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Whether you simply have a bench at the foot of your bed or you have the space for a small seating area, it is important to designate somewhere to sit in the master bedroom. The seating is not because you plan on entertaining in this room, no. It is simply for a place to sit down when you are putting your socks on or a secondary spot to read instead of the bed. Be careful with this spot, it is very easy for it to become a ‘dumping ground’ for unfinished laundry or children’s toys. Do your best to clear it every time you pass by so that it is easily available to serve its purpose.

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The mirror is another important staple in mastering the ultimate master bedroom. Yes you can just use the bathroom mirror, yes a small mirror is fine, but who wants that?! This mirror that you want in your master is large and in charge. There are many different styles on the market for oversized stand up mirrors and they are the ones you should be after. The main purpose for this mirror is yes- to check yourself out! You spend a ton of time working hard, and I’m sure you need to dress appropriately for work so give yourself a big enough mirror that you can double and triple check your outfit every day. You deserve it! (It’s also a fantastic way to make a smaller bedroom appear larger.)

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Your bedroom is where you will find rest every night. You will snuggle into bed with your jammies on and of course you want to be warm and attractive. This is the place that determines how your next day will be. If you were uncomfortable, maybe you didn’t get enough sleep, so you be sure that all your linens are soft and inviting. Why not keep a few throw blankets on hand? If you don’t always want them on your bed you can keep them in a basket nearby or even in storage tucked underneath the bed. Coziness is found in the warmth around you so not just having blankets and soft fabrics but maybe you are lucky enough to have a fireplace or some mood lighting. If you’ve got it- flaunt it! Those are the best ways to keep your bedroom cozy.

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This one may not be so obvious as the others have been but keep a bedroom balanced is very important. When a room in the home is ‘unbalanced’ our brains sub-consciously process this information, leaving us uneasy and we don’t even realize it! It’s also one of the rules of design; balance or symmetry is key to creating a well rounded, well designed space. For example, if you have a side table next to the bed on the right, you must have one on the left. If not just for convenience but for symmetry. Plain and simple: it just looks better!

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Last but not least… in your sanctuary, your master bedroom, you’ve got to make it your own. What do I mean by that? Put your own personal touch in this space. So many bedrooms fail to do this and just become looking like a hotel room instead. Yes its still cozy, balanced and everything else I spoke of, but do you want to be sleeping in a place that doesn’t feel like your own night after night? This could also be something stopping you from having a restful sleep; feeling like a guest in your own home. So go for it! Hang some family photos, use that statement lighting you found at an antique shop on your vacation, incorporate your favourite quote where you can read it every night. Make this space your own and it will most definitely feel like your sanctuary.


Well Edgers, that is all the time we have for today. I hope that you learned a few things from today’s post. Maybe you’ll even redecorate your bedroom tonight! Either way, find your rest and peace in your sanctuary this evening and take some time for yourself. I know I will!