7 Ways To Sprucen Up Your Thanksgiving Table {With Kraft Paper!}

If you are planning the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner with the whole family, you are hosting it, and you are cooking the big ‘ol bird- kudos to you. I on the other hand am not quite there yet. I haven’t necessarily been known to be the best cook, so I am taking baby steps.

Usually I am the one to bring the centerpiece or organize where each platter will be placed. This year, I’ve been entrusted to make the mashed potatoes. Wish me luck!

If you are however, the host/hostess with the most, and you are looking into what the latest and greatest is for dinner parties, then look no further.

Kraft paper, otherwise known as “Butcher” paper, is very popular lately when it comes to entertaining for dinner. I’m sure you remember those restaurants where you sit down at a table with a large piece of it on top, you and your dinner friend sit and chat and colour until your food arrives. Well, now this paper has entered the home and here is how you can use it:

(1) To Label Place Settings


(2) To Label Place Settings AND Customize Your Place Mat

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(3) To Turn Your Table Into A Focal Point


(4) To Explain Your Elaborate Dinnerware


(5) To Give Thanks




(6) To Label Your Food


(7) To Simply Be Backdrop To A Beautiful Table (and easy clean-up too!)






What a fantastic idea, right?! If you aren’t having a formal dining experience, this option is amazing for easy cleaning after the dinner. Just gather, and toss!

There are so many things you could do when Kraft paper is your tablecloth. You could certainly customize it anyway you want it. The polka dot design was a simple and sweet pattern. I especially love the vine drawing ‘place mats’ around the plates. It just took the elegance to another level.

I also love this paper too because it has a rustic feel to it. I may just use this idea for when I host my first Thanksgiving dinner; in a long time from now.

That is all we have time for today Edgers!
We hope you loved this idea as much as we did, and we just wanted you to know…

We Are Thankful- FOR YOU!