World Habitat Day! (Building up people, one home at a time!)

Today is an important day! Especially if you’re an Interior Design Company, or a Construction Company, or just a nice human being!

Today is World Habitat Day! The great thing about today is it’s a day all about giving back and doing so by getting your own 2 hands involved in building people’s lives up. It’s a life changing experience to volunteer, and Habitat For Humanity Durham is a one of our favourite places to do that!

At Over the Edge Design and OTE Construction, all of our renovation tear outs (from cabinets to sinks and trim) are donated to Habitat for Humanity in Oshawa or through The ReStore. This allows us to help our Durham community the best we can, while also being extremely eco-friendly. We also donate our time through volunteering! Please read below to hear about Marsha’s experience working with Habitat for Humanity on their current project “Centre Towne”.


Written by: Marsha Wheeler

3. Insulating Attic
Insulating An Attic
“I was afraid at first not knowing much about construction, but with the help and assistance of tradesmen and leaders who volunteered beside me, I quickly learned how to use tools I never knew existed and go into areas of a house I’ve never ventured before. I was worried about the commitment to the program and if I’d be able to meet their expectations. Having a busy life schedule, I was glad to know I could volunteer on my free days and wasn’t pinned to their schedule.
1. Tampering garage floor
Tampering A Garage Floor.
Sitting around a long table at lunch time with people I spent half a day with and was about to spend the second half of the day with, I got to listen to and share stories, while eating a meal they provided. I couldn’t help but begin to feel a connection amongst the group… we’re all there for the same reason… to help others in need.
2. Framing basement walls
Framing Basement Walls
After a tough day on the site, I’ll admit, it’s hard work helping build a house, I not only felt empowered, but I also felt that the hours I put in really made a difference. Empowering in the sense that I stepped out of my comfort zone, put on a pair of work boots and safety glasses and gave 100% of my ability. Who knew I’d be a faster framer than the men 🙂 Standing back looking at the work we all did as a team, yes we got a little closer to finishing the end product, but more importantly, we got a little closer to making a difference in some ones’ life, helping build a home for their family. That’s the best feeling of all.”
4. Final Clean

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