2 Years, 1 Shop, 6 People, Lots of Jobs, & A New Business!

Well Edgers, I have to say it’s been quite an exciting year! We have officially made it to our 2nd year of business, and this year has been better than ever. We dreamed, we created, we worked our butts off, and we built…ALOT.

So much building in fact that we have come to a pretty important decision,



We have decided to partner with and aid in the creation of a brand new construction company, OTE Construction!

OTE Construction will offer the same high quality builds and renovations that you have come to expect from the team at Over the Edge Design. The benefit of separating the construction from the design side, is that it will allow each company to focus on their area of expertise! Our designers will design, our builders will build, and in the end the process will be much smoother.

With this great and wild new transition, comes great and wild new partners! Stay tuned for a full “Meet The New Guys” Post, where we will introduce the new partners of OTE Construction and show off some of their awesome skills.

With a new company comes new facebook pages and twitter accounts and all other great things! So if you’re looking to stay up to date with these new developments, (or just want to say hello) click the links below!





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