{Mid}Century Design

My husband has recently become what our friends like to call a “scavenger.” What does this mean, you ask? Well, for work he happens to be travelling all around our region with his company, and doing so he has noticed a lot of people leaving unwanted items and furniture on the side of the road.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

My husband takes this quote very seriously. He drives by these houses, (admittedly, he said his heart rate quickens), he slows down his truck and checks out the goods. He sizes them up while remaining in the vehicle, and if it looks good enough, out he gets to give the item another quick once-over before placing it into the back of his pickup.

This “hobby” of his has scored me some really nice items for our home that he will give a ‘face-lift’ to or we have even been able to sell. However you can imagine, with this kind of habit that he has, our garage has become quite full. So finally the wife (that’s me) had to put her foot down and say “honey, if its not something we need right now, leave it alone.”

So he’s been good! Except that this “scavenger” reputation of his has kind of gotten around to our friends, and now ladies and gentlemen, he takes requests. Yes, I said it. A friend of ours told him “I am looking for a dresser, 6 drawers minimum, solid wood,” and did he find it for them? Yes  he did!


Now Edgers, I tell you this funny story to segue-way into Mid-century decor because it just so happens that the dresser my husband found for that friend was most definitely made in that time period. One of my favourite times of all; when furniture was stream-lined, tapered, modern, and oh so ‘groovy’.

Take a look at what “mid-century” interior design was like back then (think James Bond):

50s style decorating ideas-50s style decorating ideas





Design-Interior-Mid-century-1 tumblr_koy5dsAYGd1qz6f9yo1_500

It was definitely modern, and I’m sure you could even picture Charlie’s Angels in a few of those scenes as well. However in modern day, mid century may not come with the tacky carpet colours or as much wood paneling as it used to.

Check out what mid-century modern day looks like:















Our way now of creating the mid-century style is much lighter, given a brighter tone and certainly infused with a bit of inspirations here and there from different time periods as well I’m sure.

Now just for your viewing pleasure, check out the dresser (not exact, but similar) to the one my scavenger found for our friends:

IMG_3437That’s a nice dresser right? Of course she gave it a nice white paint job to update it but it surprises me the things people leave out for the garbage truck.

It surprises my husband too! (haha)

I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson on mid-century interior design my friends,

Until next time!