New Accessories! {We’ve FALL-en For Them}

As we said farewell to our friends from the bright & bold colour palette, out came the Pumpkin Spice Latte and “Hello Fall!!”

Now we introduce the season of Autumn and all that comes with it. I’m sure you too can feel the chill in the air and have tossed your flip-flops into the closet.

This season the hottest trend in home decor, and even the fashion world is “Rose Gold.” In the home design world, we call that copper, but shh don’t tell anyone!

As I have said before on past posts, the easiest way to adorn your living space to feel like the current season is to simply have interchangeable accessories. The flesh and bones can remain neutral but everything else in the home can be decked out (with taste) in the latest season, in order to keep us fresh and excited!

Take a look at some “Rose Gold” accessories are have ‘FALLen’ for:

 rose gold decor




Not only is the rose gold trend great for fall but the the other metallic palette can be used around this season as well.
In fact, the metallic family can be thought of as more of a ‘neutral’ when it comes to decorating your home now. There are certain accent colours that pair up nicely with them too!
Check it out:

pillow2 vase2 pillow4 pillow3

Tiz’ the season for hibernation since the weather starts to cool down. This last quote on the throw pillow is SO accurate. When it comes to Fall, we start to break out the warmth (cozy blankets, thicker sweaters and tons of tea).
You can never have enough of these throw pillows around the house! Toss them on the couch, the bed, and even on the sitting area in your mud room to add some interest.
We love those colour combinations as well! The gold and plum has always been a favourite but now we are seeing a lot more of army green make its debut. Paired with gold and it looks lovely!
Check out some throw blankets we can’t wait to use on the upcoming chilly nights:


I mean really, don’t they both look so comfy? You can never go wrong with a warm faux fur throw blanket during these cold months, and a thick weaved blanket is a classic favourite.
As you can see the Fall colours are more neutral and definitely warmer… maybe its to counteract the way the weather changes?
If you’re looking for some accessories to change up your shelving or gallery walls, here are some options we adore:

thing2 thing1 art
Of course we can’t forget the hints of Fall memorabilia here and there, like the pine cone or the pumpkin. The key is to always keep it simple and never over-do it by sticking each of these all over your house.
Like always, a little goes a long way!
Now check out some more home accessories we’ve chosen:


Some warm coloured geometric vases- great for more accent pieces.

 fur pillow


The warm and neutral throw pillows- great to serve with the quote pillows so that every pillow you have does not say something on it (that would be strange).


This masculine wood grain wall clock- warm colours, another fantastic accent piece.


And lastly, you must have one of these baskets to put all your throw blankets in!


I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Hopefully you are embracing the change in the air and have begun to switch your home accessories around to look fabulously-Fall!

Until next time Edgers!