Big, Bright, Bold & Beautiful {Bye-Bye!}

Time is running out!

There, I said it. I am sure you can feel it too Edgers. If you are anything like me in the last few days you have shut off your A/C, opened those windows back up and took advantage of this seriously cool cold weather we are having. I mean, when you can save a few $$ when the time comes down to it, you will!

The urgency is there now, can’t you feel it? That thought of “oh no, the air is cooler, its mid August…I MUST ENJOY EVERY LAST DAY OF SUMMER WHILE I CAN!!!” Yea, I hear you my friend. I even had to put socks on yesterday. It was just crazy!

I say Edgers, lets make the most of absolutely everything about summer while we still can; including summer colours and summer decor. Before you know it, the colours will be muted and warm again and we’ll be cozied up next to a fire with a snuggly blanket inside. (AHH!)

Here are a slew of photos that will make you appreciate what we have to enjoy for the time being….

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Every last drop of gorgeous colour makes my heart skip a beat. Not that I am not looking forward to the beautiful fall colours and the icy pastels of winter, but there is something just so fun about the bright colours of summer. These colours truly make you come alive, and psychologically they really do! That is another reason why people can almost feel as though they are waking up from a hibernation when the spring and summer season is upon us.

Until next year, I will miss every lemon yellow, every watermelon pink, every seafoam green, every sunset orange, and every ocean blue. We know we will see you again friends, but until then we pledge to soak up every last drop of your beauty. *insert dramatic pose here*

Until next time Edgers,