High Fashion {Interiors}

Today is a day for doing something new; something I’ve never thought of before. Lets take a look at how two worlds collide:

The Fashion World + The Interior Design World

What exactly does it mean to be a high fashion designer? Where do they live? What do their homes look like? Today I will be taking you on a journey to a world you may have never been in before (I know I haven’t!).

Check it out:

Nanette Lepore

First we have Nanette Lepore’s townhouse sitting room. I love the mixture of styles here; the sleek and elegant silver chair with foot stool, a tufted settee with pop art throw pillow, and the complementing wall art to give this room a vintage touch.

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Brian Atwood's Milan apartment

Next we have Brian Atwood’s apartment in Milan. How luxurious! I adore the mid-century inspiration with the wood flooring and the accent chair here. The over head lamp and the metallic pieces add a modern flare to this living room.

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Next is the ever so chic dining room of Adam Lippe’s New York apartment. This room was done with just enough floral touch without going overboard. The wall mural of the cherry blossom tree is a gorgeous backdrop to the table and chairs that are put together; old century and modern mix!

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This ladies and gentlemen, is Ralph Lauren’s gorgeous dining room. This space is just the right marriage of masculine and feminine; the clean lines and black accents of the dining table and chairs, accented with the  floral decor and oversized lamps (which must have come from a warehouse or runway set, because they are so big). I love it!!

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I must say, this kitchen belonging to Badgely & Mischka is my dream kitchen. The all white walls and upper cabinets with the contrasting black island lower cupboards is SO modern! The glossy white subway tile accent and brass finishes are just the icing on the cake! I love everything about this kitchen. Except maybe the old radiator heater; but they’ve made the most out of it by placing a shelf above to display flowers and such.

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Next is Michelle Smith’s apartment in Manhattan.  This is another room that has mixed several different styles pretty effortlessly. The fireplace is definitely vintage, paired with the modern ceiling pendant, and coffee table, alongside several different patterns; nothing is really competing with one another. I think it was done really well!

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diane von furstenburg

On to Diane Von Furstenberg’s living room. This penthouse is a statement on it’s own without looking at the interior design details. It sits on top of an old brick building in the meatpacking district of Manhattan in its own modern box complete with rooftop garden.

This living room however is complete with mid-century side tables and sofa. The light fixtures adorning the sofa can almost be missed if you don’t look closely. She also plays with a variety of animal prints as well and of course you can’t miss the very large self portrait above the couch.

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Here is Diane’s penthouse from the outside. WOW!

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How did you enjoy your day trip to the high fashion world? Was it everything you wanted it to be? Did you ‘walk the runway’ or were you a spectator in the crowds?
Aside from the sometimes outrageous design concepts each room represents, I truly believe they are evidence of how personal taste can be turned from a thought into a work of art in your very own home.

Even if you have a ‘different’ idea, when working with an interior designer, they can make sense of that idea practically and help it come to life infront of you.

Thanks for joining us today at Over The Edge Designs!
See you again soon!