{Night Owl} a d.i.y



This is our little owl.

We found him in a thrift shop for a whopping $4!

He’s super cute and will be oh so charming in the adventure nursery that is being added into Beth’s home. That is right, we’re adding a nursery for a new little man!

With that great news, (and this adorable little owl) we thought we would take a moment and go through how we turned him into a great little lamp.


First we had to drill a hole in the top of his head, and one at the bottom. Make sure you get a proper drill bit for glass, or ceramic so you don’t shatter it.

Tip: Use LOTS of water to keep the drill bit and glass piece wet!


Next weave the cord through the sculpture, (this can be tricky) needle nose pliers are your friend here!


After you get the cord sorted out, follow the instructions on a lamp kit! (Follow EXACTLY) Connecting the proper cord to the proper screw will prevent shocks, and we definitely want to prevent that.


Voila! A fully wired lamp out of a thrift store find! Total cost: 26$ ($16 for the lamp kit, $6 for the shade and $4 for the owl) Toss the shade on it, and you have this gorgeous thing…


Now go try it! Be inspired, find great things, make great things and just go on being your edgy selves!

Until next time,


Graphics and Architectural Imagery (and general crafty mama)