{High-Contrast} Nursery

It is very important to plan ahead. When you don’t plan ahead, your life can take a very spontaneous turn with surprises at every exciting corner. However, when you have children and you don’t plan ahead, your life can take some pretty chaotic and stressful turns at every corner. Becoming a mother taught me a lot of things, but that has to be one of the biggest I have learned. Sadly enough, you have to learn them the hard way sometimes. If you don’t have children but want to someday, get ready because this habit will just sneak up and may overwhelm you one day when you forgot your diaper bag at home and your daughter has an exploding diaper in public. You sure do learn how to improvise!

If you don’t have children, please sit back, relax and have a good laugh when you read this blog post. I am sure you will encounter a toxic diaper one day in your life!

When you become pregnant you can’t help but think about the life growing inside of you constantly. What will it look like? Who will it look like? What kind of person will it be? What are we going to name it? Will it be a boy or a girl? What kind of parenting style will we take on?
SO MANY hours in the day you dream, and read, and ponder, and OBSESS about this baby that will forever change your life.

One of the more EXCITING things that you can obsess about is the baby’s nursery. If you are like me, you care about every little detail. What colour scheme, type of crib, change table, rocking chair, mobile, wall colour, window coverings… everything can become an element of fun for this new room. Of course the baby doesn’t care one bit, but this is part of the fun for the mom to be!

Lately I have noticed a huge trend in nursery decor and that is: Black & White nurseries.
If you don’t know a whole lot about the development of babies, they say that babies can recognize high contrasting colours (or shades) before any other. So this trend of nursery decor not only looks so modern but it also appeals to the baby’s eye as well. It’s also a new way of creating the ‘gender neutral’ nursery.

One of Over The Edge’s newest projects is a black and white nursery. Check out the design concept that was brought to the table:

unnamed (3)

That was the black and white concept! Now here are the conceptual renderings of the room that were done:

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

The client really had her eye on that wall quote, so all throughout the process it was a key element. Here is the section of the room where the crib above has been completed so far:


Looks just like the rendering right?! Now that is just the beginning and we can’t wait to see the final product!!

Check out some more amazing black & white nurseries that we L-O-V-E:



milkandhny blogspot












Or you can have a nursery with main elements in black and white:





Oh boy, all this nursery dreaming just makes me want another baby! Aren’t those nurseries GORGEOUS?!! We love them and we are SO excited to add some extra sugar and spice into our expecting client’s nursery.

We hope you enjoyed all that you saw today and maybe had a good laugh too.

Until next time,