Bright Is Right (Dining Room Light}

Good day Edgers!! I hope you have been enjoying this GORGEOUS weather we are having, as well as my series of one important piece in each room of the home. For this week, I decided on something a little ‘off the wagon’, I am not necessarily focusing on a piece of furniture this week, but an essential FIXTURE in the dining room. The light! 

When you learn about interior design in school, they teach you that you want to try and have three types of lighting available in every room of the home. The three types are: natural lighting (access to an open window to let the sunshine in), task lighting (i.e., a desk lamp, lamp next to a chair for reading, ceiling pot lights, hanging pendant lights over an island, etc),  and third is ambient lighting (i.e, wall sconces, indirect lighting, candles, etc).

For today I want to talk about the one and only task lighting you should have in the dining room- the lighting over the dining room table. Some may not think of this kind of lighting to be ‘task lighting’ but it really is! When you sit at the dinner table, to eat- you have a task. When you sit at the dinner table to do your homework, or help your kids with their homework- you have a task. Even when you have guests over and you are chatting over a glass of wine, this is still a task (even though it may seem more leisurely than my other two examples). When you want some good quality light to see what you need to do right infront of your face (like eating, or cooking) then that would be considered task lighting. You wouldn’t want to cook by candlelight (if you didn’t have to). Although I guess some may want to eat by candlelight. 


If you are looking to make a BIG BOLD statement with your over-the-dining-room-table-lighting, then a big chandelier is the best way to go. They are chic and come in many different styles. They aren’t all the same crystal dangly  chandelier’s our grandmother’s used to have. It’s amazing how design is always evolving! Here are some examples…



 They are even affordable too! 


Check out some more AMAZING examples of over-the-dining-table-lighting…




Did you have a hard time looking away from the actual rooms to find the lighting? Yes, me too. But it’s there! In several photos there are tables right next big bright windows letting tons of light in. There was also a few pictures that showed wall sconces, candles on tables, and lamps on hutches. 

There you have it! Do your best to incorporate every form of lighting to your dining room setting so that you have the best light for your dinner parties and family get togethers- then you can see every beautiful face shine!

That is all the time we have for today Edgers!
It is always a blast getting to teach you, chat with you and laugh with you.
Until next time!