Apartment Must Haves with Brittany (Our Fav girl from the ILC)

The first annual ILC-EDS “Wheel n Walk“-a-Thon is this Saturday and we are thrilled to be supporting it this year! As we know, we are very active in supporting The ILC Foundation and Brittany’s Fight for Quality of Life. To celebrate that support, we are walking in this years walk and are volunteering our time in organizing the event. To donate to the cause, you can sponsor Beth in her walk by clicking HERE.



Now, since we like focusing on the positive. Brittany Crichton (The Brittany that inspired us to be so involved in the ILC) has just graduated with a diploma in Medical Administration. She went through this program while having multiple surgeries, tests, and bad days. With school being finished, she is approaching the wonderful adventure of apartment hunting. So we’d thought we’d sit down with this inspiring woman and get the details on what she wants in a home.

Please welcome Brittany!




As many people know, I love my tea, especially loose leaf teas. A must for me to have in my own home would be a loose leaf tea organizer, that goes along with my temperature controlled kettle. Tea is an important part of my day, and making sure I drink the right teas for my body.



Especially during the winter months, I find myself having a lot of baths so an oval tub has been a dream of mine. Since I spend a lot of time in the bath during the winter months to stay warm I would want a light colour bathroom that would have a peaceful feel to it.



As my friends know every year I write a list of goal and dreams that I would love to accomplish that year. I also have a bucket list of things that I want to accomplish as well. Every time when I accomplish something it feels great to see that it has been checked off the board. So this is a must in my apartment.



This picture is an idea of what I would want my bedroom to look like. Again as you can tell I like brighter colours that feel more cheerful especially for those painful days. I like light colours for bedding as well and keeping things clear and neat like this.



 The last picture is a library. My dream would definitely be to have the library from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. (Who wouldn’t want that library?) When I got sick, reading became a huge part of my life. Another world for me to escape to, so my dream for a future home would be to have even a small space to have my own library and place to read and escape from if I have those days.


Thank you Brittany for being so inspiring and for sharing your apartment dreams with us! We can’t wait for the walk and will be sure to keep you edgers updated with a post on the success of the walk and other fun things we get into!

Until next time,