{The Island} A Gathering Spot!

“Welcome to de Island my friends!”

My husband and I went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and for some reason that rang in my head with a Jamaican accent. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen and the people there were so kind. Minus us both having a serious head cold while we were there, we had a wonderful time. 

For a few weeks now I have been hitting the topic of one piece of furniture or ‘key’ part in each room of the house and today is no exception. I’m sure you could tell already Edgers that this one will be all about the Island. The kitchen island that is.

When I think about the kitchen island, I am reminded of family. The kitchen they say, is the heart of the home and with that comes the meeting place where the family comes together. This tends to be around the kitchen island. Whether the family is just sharing in deep conversation or helping each-other with tasks, each person is gathered in around this location. 

For most people, the island does not look the same. In fact, I doubt any kitchen islands are two alike. You may have a difference in counter-top selections:



…Just to name a few.

Or you may have different cupboard finishes, like white, or cherry, a dark walnut, even black. 
Your cupboards could have a grain or no grain. Maybe they are all coloured, or have a beadboard detail. They could have a traditional facing, a glass insert, a modern shaker style. The possibilities are literally endless!!

Here are some gorgeous pictures to give you an idea of the many ways the kitchen island can be a focal point:


More commonly seen with a breakfast bar, the kitchen island can certainly be thought of as a spot for residents of the home and visitors to take a seat and share a light meal and even a story or two.
Some have even gone the extra mile, saved on a dining table and combined the two. Why not have dinner every night at the island as well?


Whatever your take on the kitchen island is, make it beautiful, make it a place where loved ones can meet, and make it yours.

This is all we have time for today in the ‘house of Edge’.
We hope you liked what you saw and learned, and maybe you enjoyed my little nickname for this journey we are on too.

See you again soon,