{The Dresser} A Fresh Look!

Not too long ago I had decided to do a series about one single part of each room in the home. Last time I spoke about the vanity in the bathroom and what we showcased was beautiful. Today we will be talking about the bedroom dresser! Some of you may just simply use the closet, or maybe you’ve taken on the the smaller closet known as the wardrobe, but the dresser is the ultimate piece of furniture in the bedroom besides your bed that takes up space, so you should want it to be fabulous!

Now when searching for the ultimate dresser portraits to display for you, I had to weed out all of the basic, cookie-cutter, stock made, ordinary wood dressers. Now those are fine….. but today I only want to show you the

FAB-U-LOUS ones, so here goes:





Don’t you just LOVE them all?! I mean, the map design? the numbered drawers? the bright colours, the painted flag, everything about each of these dressers is sure to make a statement in your bedroom. When you walk into the room, your eye will definitely be drawn to it! So let this be an inspiration to you; think outside the box when it comes to your furniture and make them GRAND.

Well Edgers, I hope you felt charmed and inspired today.

Take care,