Re-Claim Your Furniture {5 Reasons Why}

Not sure if you’ve heard, even though it has been spoken of several times before, but re-claimed wood furniture is ALL THE RAGE now-a-days. Honestly, you see it everywhere now! It’s all over Pinterest boards, all the design magazines, and even on HGTV! People are in love with the idea and look of re-using old wood and creating something new with it. 

Guess what, WE LOVE IT TOO! In fact, it’s one of the skills that we as a company excel at delivering; gorgeous re-claimed wood pieces. Some of the wood we have used has been harvested from Barns in Ontario that are over 100 years old. That durability and quality is something you just can’t find at your local furniture store!

Here are the top five reasons that you should fall in love with and buy furniture with re-purposed wood:

#1. Customization
When purchasing (or creating) a piece of furniture that has re-claimed wood, the choices are up to you! If it will be stained light or dark or left natural, (you could paint it a colour too but that may take away from the essence of the natural wood), what size the piece needs to be, and also the functionality is all up to you as well. 


#2. Uniqueness
One thing is always a sure thing when you buy or build re-claimed wood furniture: it will be nothing like anything you’ve seen before. Since every tree in the forest is unique, neither will your harvested wood be, therefore making every piece of furniture unique to its own grain and knots and textures.



#4. Environment
Another major reason why you should purchase re-claimed wood furniture and also why we build it is because of its extremely minimal effect on the environment. Really though, there is no effect on the environment when all you are doing is taking a piece of old wood that once was used in building a barn and giving it new life. You aren’t cutting yet another tree down, you aren’t contributing to any already over-used manufacturing of cheap furniture. By doing this you are saving the planet from more pollution of gas, excess carbon footprint and keeping the trees where they are. It’s a beautiful thing.


#5. Style
Now the last reason why you should buy or build re-claimed wood furniture is pretty obvious. It looks amazing! It doesn’t matter what your interior design style is, these wood pieces will fit into them all. Now this needs to be said….there is a rule of “less is more” that is often said, and we fully believe in this rule. So please don’t fill your entire house with re-claimed wood pieces. Yes they will all be unique and different and great for the environment but boy will your house start to look like an actual forest. Instead, a few accent pieces here and there are the best way to go. That way you are more on the side of displaying their beauty, rather than living in a treehouse. 


Now for your viewing pleasure, check out these AMAZING re-claimed wood pieces that our handy-men have built in the shop…




Well Edgers, that’s all we have for you today!
We hope you enjoyed today’s post and we will see you again soon!