{Vanity} The Bathroom Kind!

I think this month I will talk about one different thing in separate rooms of the home. Today I felt inspired to talk about the bathroom vanity. It’s good to dream! In fact it’s so much fun to dream! I saw this picture that a friend shared on FB today that made her thankful of certain things…. “Laundry to do= clothes on our backs, Shopping to do= money to spend, Toilets to clean= indoor plumbing…” and so on and so forth. This made me think about thankfulness and yes we certainly should be thankful of indoor plumbing and having a roof over our heads… of course! But most of all I am thankful for the freedom to dream. Being able to to have hope for change or the ability to upgrade or improve our homes is such a HUGE blessing that we may from time to time pass by. So today, and I guess this month, I will be dreaming with you about things in the home that aren’t the ‘norm’, and that we are blessed enough to upgrade (budgets permitted).

Today is all about the bathroom vanity. Here are some beautiful examples…



Why not have your sink made entirely out of concrete? This sink demands your attention and is no doubt the
focal point of this bathroom.



I am in love with the vanity above. First, they are drawers and you can NEVER have enough drawers in the bathroom. Second, I love how it looks like it used to be a separate piece of antique furniture made into what it is now. I LOVE IT!




Continuous marble from backsplash to counter. This is a fabulous idea. And kid-mess friendly!


Now the bathroom vanity above is REALLY cool. Do you see those spotlights? Stage lights! That is such a funky idea. I also love the floating counter and the way the wood looks raw. Nice job!ImageImageImage

I love the colour of the vanity above. It certainly is a great choice, but the yellow walls are interesting and
haven’t quite won me over yet.


The vanity above has the raised sinks that have been very popular the last few years. It is a trend taken from history books really. They used to ‘wash up’ in bowls on a counter like this before indoor plumbing came along.
This is certainly the modern rendition of that.ImageImage

Dreaming is so fun. I was inspired by each and everyone of those bathrooms above. The contemporary cabinets, the modern marble, the industrial concrete. Loved it all.

What was your favourite bathroom? We would love to know! Comment on this post in the Facebook page and let us know!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post about the bathroom vanity and inspired you to dream.

Take care,