Happy New Year! {Pantone’s Colour For 2014}

Happy New Year Edgers! I trust that you had a wonderful holiday, spent with family, friends and other loved ones around you.
Since the dropping of the ball, Pantone has announced their ‘colour of the year’ for 2014! How exciting!
If you don’t know what Pantone is, it is the leading company for all things paint, and every year they determine what the hottest colour will be.

I guess from there on, its up to you!
Personally when I saw this colour I had a little giggle inside because I chose to paint my teenage bedroom as well as our daughter’s dresser this colour. So I guess I did something right! I win!

If you haven’t heard already, the 2014 colour of the year is:
Radiant Orchid!


radiant orchid

It’s quite pretty don’t you think? Now in my professional opinion, I would not run to the store and buy gallons of it to paint in the walls of my home. To me, this is more of an accent colour, but who knows, to you it may translate differently. To give you an idea, I have collected some examples of all things Radiant Orchid.

Take a look!


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Side note: aren’t Macarons delicious?! Yum!

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There you have it! I have given you examples of the colour done minimally and more. Radiant Orchid could be done tastefully as an accent wall, or an accent piece of furniture. Or if you desire something fresh and a big pop of colour is what you are going for, then do it! Be daring! I can’t imagine it looking much less fabulous than the photos above, as long as you have paired it with the proper surrounding furniture and accessories.

Here’s to a new year and new exciting decorating endeavors!

See you next time đŸ˜‰