Our Over The Edge Christmas!

Hello Edgers!

These last few weeks Rebekah has been sharing tales of gorgeous Christmas themes, and has been inspiring you all (and me) in how to create brilliant decor through-out your home. So this week, I thought I’d take a moment and share photos of our Christmas Trees.

AND I want to add more great things to our Christmas Giveaway!

tree - bringing it home

So first off, you need to pick the perfect tree. Here is our charming owner, Jeff, dragging back the tree.

imagejpeg_2 (1)

Now, in our OTE home we have 2 guest rooms. The first of which is a girly princess type room, filled with crystal accents and soft pink hues. For this room, we naturally have a very girly pink and white Christmas tree with little butterflies (this room’s main guest is a lovely little 6 year old girl, so the butterflies were mandatory)



The second guest room is a lot more masculine. With dark wood tones, thick knit accents and a window that overlooks a small forest of a front yard, it feels like a room in the coziest of ski lodges. With that reasoning, this tree is decked in natural tones and gold. Warm enough to be festive while still holding that masculine charm.



Last but certainly not least, may I present Rebekahs tree! You all know her well as she chats with you regularly on awesome trends and things she notices in the design world. Her tree is gorgeous! Set with red and gold, and lots of sparkly things, Rebekah has perfected the traditional tree while still keeping it true to her families sense of style. My favorite thing is by far is the parcel wrapped gifts. They remind me of being a little kid and getting very excited when your grandparents would send your gifts through the post to be opened Christmas morning.

That is it for trees, but I do want to share one more Holiday treat (because what are holidays without treats?) We have decided to have some runner up prizes for our Christmas Giveaway! As per our Giveaway Post on Facebook, When you like our page you’ll be entered to win a gorgeous handcrafted lamp. And since we love you all so much we’re going to be giving away sets of these fantastic Pine coasters. Perfect for you’re Christmas tea, or after dinner coffee. All you have to do is like our Facebook page!



Well that is all for now! MERRY HOLIDAYS EDGERS! We will chat a bit later.