{An Over The Edge} Christmas Series Part 2!

Welcome back! If you weren’t with us last time we spoke, we were talking about a very retro themed Christmas. This included pastel colours, white trees, vintage cards and more. That theme I would have to say is my least favourite of the three (even though it is still so nice). Today however we are going to be talking about my second favourite Christmas decorating theme. 

Glam Christmas

Oh, I just know a few of you Edgers who just got a wee bit riled up inside. I don’t blame you! This style is so fun and flashy, I’m sure you couldn’t help but throw on your flapper dress and dance the night away if your whole home was adorned in this design. 

The glam Christmas theme is made up of very luxurious, shiny, sparkly and a little over the top decoration that may take you all the way to New Years! Usually done in silver and gold (but pops of colour can be thrown in), this style is easy to accomplish if you know that the shinier the better.

Take a look at what I mean…

{#1} The Tree




Large and in charge, the tree is the anchor that holds this Christmas theme down. So make sure that you go big or go home with the glam tree this year. (Wow, I don’t think I could fit another Idiom in there if I tried…)

{#2} The ornaments


Whether perfectly placed on the tree, on the garland, or displayed in a bowl on the coffee table, the ornaments you choose will take this decorating theme up a notch. 

{#3} The mantel




Decorating the mantel is key to truly make the house feel ‘homey’ during the Christmas season. While you’ve got those carols playing, start that roaring fire, hang up those stockings and make sure to add some crystals here and there. No fireplace? No problem! Place what would be the mantel decorations onto your stair-railing, credenza or couch table instead!


{#4} The wreath




It’s the first thing your guests will see when they arrive for your holiday party, and it will be your first chance to give them the Christmas glam impression, so make it shine!

{#5} The Table Setting



Make it simple or go all out, add some colour or commit to all white, its your choice.
Your party will be a hit when your house looks this good!


Here are some more Glam Christmas inspirations for you…





ImageImageImageImageThat’s all we have for today my dear friends…I hope you enjoyed reading all about this Christmas decorating theme as much as I did telling you about it! If it’s the style you choose every year, awesome! I hope I have given you some new ideas or inspiration to try something different. If you are thinking of doing a new theme and you want to go with this one, I wish you all the best. You will have so much fun making your home glamorous. 

Take care Edgers,