Coming out of the (very trendy) “Pole Dancing” Closet!

Dear Edgers,

Since my last post (Game tables for grown ups) I have been debating writing this post. For you see, I have another hidden hobby (ANOTHER ONE?! Why yes!) A hobby that sadly comes with undeserved stigma and yet, is a killer workout. Hi, my name is Beth and I am a Pole Fitness Enthusiast. And This week, I plan to drag all you Edgers into the world of pole fitness and show you some of my favorite pole dancing spaces.


Now where to start?

I supposed I should start by telling you that I never planned on Pole Fitness as a hobby. I was always just one of those girls joining the running room, or the gym but never really getting results and finding myself so horrendously bored with my workout. So one day, a friend dared me to take an intro-teaser class with her at Aradia Fitness in Oakville (Lovely place, you should check it out!) After that one intro class, I had a problem…I didn’t want to leave. So, I did what lots of young (and old) respectable ladies do, and I told my husband I was going to take a pole dancing class!

Since then, I have been almost a year taking pole, bought my own (more about this later) and lost bunch of weight, not to mention the confidence that comes with being able to hold up your own body weight (HORIZONTALLY!) So here I am, a year later, finally coming out of my “Pole Closet”.


Now, what does this have to do with interior design? Well, let me tell you a bit about it. As Pole Fitness is now becoming a much more accepted and respected form of fitness (Check out the CPFA) lots of women are purchasing poles of their own, and are running into the issue of creating a usable and functional pole space.

First, allow me to show you some inspiration, and then I shall show you our plan for a great pole space.


I love the purple here, and as you will see in other examples as well, the mirrors are essential!

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Here we have high ceilings and bright natural light:) Though sadly, not all of us are lucky enough to have such high ceilings.


This one, I love for the pastel colors and the warm floors, it also shows how graceful and classy pole dancing can be.

 So now onto more pressing matters, how can you create a great space for pole dancing (and/or other dance forms) without feeling like you’re walking into a 1980’s gentlemans club? I have got the solution for you!

Follow these little pointers, or contact us ( for your awesome pole space! 

  1. Light colors and perhaps an accent wall: You don’t want it to feel dark and dingy, but you want enough color that when you turn down the lights, you can still get the feel of being an attractive confident lady.
  2. Wood floors, or a wood insert: I say wood (or laminate) because nothing is as bad as carpet burns on the tops of your feet…it’s just bad, trust me on that.
  3. Mirrors: Mirrors, preferably full length, are essential for most dance training, as it helps you correct your form and allows you better insight into what your doing wrong.
  4. Warmth: I know this sounds strange, but popping a pole in an non-insulated area is a bad idea. It’s not good for your pole, and it’s terribly uncomfortable. You think this may be obvious but I have met people that originally had their poles in their garage. Cold, Bad grip, not fun.
  5. A shelf: On this shelf, you will find rubbing alcohol, cloths, grip aids, some hand weights, a few pairs of cute shoes, and a sound system. Can’t dance it out if there’s no music.
  6. THE POLE!: The most important part of your room will be the pole. This is the one piece that is geared to you, and has to be something you’re comfortable with. Whether you go with brass, or chrome. 40 mm, 45 mm, or 50 mm. Static, spinning or both. Permanent or pressure mounted. This will be the focal point of your room, and it is an investment. I highly suggest talking to a professional before you purchase a pole, your pole instructor is perfect for this as they will know what your used to and what will suit your level of experience. I purchased an X-pole sport from my studio after chatting with my instructor and I love it! If you are in the GTA, I would recommend talking to one of the ladies at Aradia Fitness for your pole purchase, they know their stuff!

Based off these points, Here is my ideal pole space…

poler 2013-10-27 00215300000

Please note the gorgeous mirrors, floors, and comfy couch (makes the room multi-functional) I also popped in my charming 45 mm chrome Xpole just for reference.

poler 2013-10-27 08001700000poler 2013-10-26 17554800000

I also, like having my other workout gear all in the same convenient location, especially for after workout stretching.

poler 2013-10-26 17234800000

Well, I hope I have inspired you to try something new, and if you are a fellow pole enthusiast, I hope I have motivated you to get your own space. It really is a fantastic workout, and art form. I am so glad to be out of the “Pole Closet”, a little too stifling in there if you ask me. Do what makes you happy, healthy and confident, especially in your home! And if you need a hand in making your studio design dreams come true, give us a shout…You know we won’t judge (because we do it too!)



(Operations Manager, Board Game Geek, and Pole Fitness Enthusiast)