{Attic Approved} Tips On Remodeling The Attic Space

The time has come. You secretly, in your head, but not admitting it out loud (quite yet) have started planning for the holidays (EEK!) I know, I know, it feels a little soon to let those thoughts out just yet, but let me tell you, it needs to happen. The holidays just sneak up on us and then all of a sudden…BAM! There they are and we’ve merely made a list of to-do’s and not a single one has been accomplished.

My friend, this blog post may be for you. Holiday time is family time. Maybe you live a little far from your friends and relatives? Are they coming to visit? Are you having any holiday parties this year? Do you think maybe a guest or two will need somewhere to spend the night? Or maybe, you’ve just purchased your very first home and you have absolutely no space for storage or a guest area. Yes, I was right. This post is for you…

Remember the attic?

That’s right, I said attic. It’s that space above your house that sits there, untouched, aiding the circulation and temperature of your home, that you’ve always forgotten about. Today we are going to talk about making use of that space!
Now, let me make this clear folks. If you don’t have an existing easy-access staircase to the attic, I’m sorry but this post may be just for your dreaming pleasure only. However, if you have an existing ability to ascend, we’re going to finally make that space functional for you!

{#1} Evaluate what you are working with
Before you do anything in this area, you need to be aware of every nook and cranny and be realistic as to
what can go up there.

A bedroom?


An office?

A home theatre?

{#2} Make the most of the space

The attic is most likely a small space for you to use so you definitely will not want to make it feel any smaller than it is. For this I recommend painting the walls (and maybe even floors) a light colour. Perhaps all white?


With a white attic, the light is able to reach and reflect off of the darkest corners,
making the whole space feel open and bright.

You also may want to use furniture that is smaller, closer to the ground or even built-in so that any free space is optimized.

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{#3} Embrace the elements
If you have been blessed by an attic that has any architectural details, flaunt ’em!
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The rustic beams in those three photos are gorgeous and especially in the last photo, you can tell they have been turned into an almost focal point of the room.

{#4} Let the light in
Like I said before, the attic is generally small, and not only should you make the walls a lighter colour, but be sure to take advantage of the windows or sky-lights that are letting that light in. You want to get the proper window coverings (that way your attic doesn’t turn into a sauna during the day) but definitely make them multifunctional so light is maximized.

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And now for a few more fun photo inspirations!

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Well that is all we have for today friends!
I hope you are able to utilize this post and decide to make your attic space more functional.
For whatever reason you choose.

Take care!