Game Rooms for Grown Ups!

Well Edgers, I have a confession…

I am a gigantic nerd! I am also married to a gigantic nerd, and one of the wonderful things that comes with our nerdiness is a massive amount of board games (I don’t mean Monopoly here people.) I mean board games that take board gaming into a full out hobby, with hours of playing, custom tables and endless shelves of options and expansions. (I did warn you)

So when we started blogging gorgeous rooms and design ideas, I kept thinking “How come there is no post for us gamers?” So here we are, I am guest posting this week in a vain attempt to share the awesomeness of board games, my dream game rooms (one day…) and my plans for custom board game tables (Which we will be making, which is even more exciting!)

Now we do have to use our imaginations here, as most of the wonderful rooms I found have pool tables in them. We shall pretend for this instance that there are wonderfully comfy chairs with cup holders and fold down areas for your player set up areas. This particular room is gorgeous simply for all the wood!



And here we have the game room in the Trump Tower in Soho. Here I am mainly wooed by all the built in shelving, because as my fellow board gamers are aware, it can sometimes get a bit out of control. Games need to be easily accessible without the risk of toppling piles.


Yet again, Shelving is ESSENTIAL.


I also think lighting is way up there in game room priorities. For a lot of games (especially card based ones) there is a lot of reading and tiny letters, why make it harder by sitting in a dark room? If you’re extra lucky (and your spouse is as nerdy as you are) you may get the glorious opportunity to have a ground floor game room with tons of natural light. Getting a table with a removable top will allow it to also function as a dining table, (without messing up your felt top, or game)



I love the map here! I think one must add tons of their own personality into a room, and this room has tons of little personal and eclectic bits.

And lastly, We have now decided to embark on the awesome mission of building our own game tables. Our goal is to make attainable, quality pieces of furniture that can enhance your game playing experience (while still looking fantastic in your home) When we first started talking about it, we considered all the things we would want in a table and then took to the internet to get more feedback from other gamers. I would personally like to thank all the people who responded to my forum post on, your input is extremely valued!  We will plan on having different models, but to start, may I show you an awesome sneak peek of my dream game table?

gametable 2013-09-06 07595900000

TADA! This table has a 4’x8′ footprint, with a 3’6″ x 7’6″ playing area. It would take up about as much space as a standard dining room table, and would suit most board games with the exception of the extremely large ones (Arkham, Twilight Imperium, etc)

Please excuse the Monopoly board (there is a very limited amount of premade board games in my rendering software.) And I do love the little fold down player areas, as it allows things to be tucked away neatly after.

gametable 2013-09-06 08380600000

Well, now that I have shown you a little of what I like, I am taking myself back to the 3 dimensional drawing board and creating more awesome tables based on the ideas and requests that came from other gamers. We are very excited to be jumping into new water and I look forward to sharing photos once we start the building process!

Until Next time!

-Beth (The Ultra Nerdy Ops Manager)