{The Summer Getaway} “Yacht Or Not?”

It’s official. There are 3 weeks left until school is back in session. Which means, the end of summer rush is on to really take vacationing seriously before the summer is just a warm memory in our quickly-chilling memories.

Since I dove into the cottage aspect in “The Hamptons” post a few weeks ago, I thought today we could take a look at other habitats that some folks enjoy vacationing in, around or beside. This should be quite different!

First lets take a look at the yacht. Or boat, whichever you would prefer…dreams or reality. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageSpending your vacation on any boat (yacht or not) is a lot like a hotel, except it moves and you can pretty much swim at any time you like. I know what you are thinking though, it’s more like a dream. But we can all dream, can’t we?


My next vacation hotspot is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum but can uniquely be stylish as well, so I thought it deserved its own recognition.
The trailer.


See! Trailers can be pimped out too! You didn’t believe me at first did you? It looks like these owners definitely took great pride in their vacation mobile-home and made it look its best.


Since the last two victims were both fit for getaways-on-the-go, I have decided to talk about one that is much more stationary. This is a place that I hope you all get to spend some time in once in your life, because they are usually oh-so charming and  beautiful.

The Bed & Breakfast (aka The Old Hotel)


I’m pretty sure the prerequisite for a B&B is “must have a four-post bed and fireplace.” Either way, they are all so gorgeous full of wonderful people to meet and old-world style.

This is my invitation to you, go out and make the most of the last three weeks of summer. Capture tons of memories. It is always over before you know it.

Take care,