{Summertime Staging}

Today I want to talk to you about your home. Here, have a seat….

My friend, you say you want to sell your home, right? Then why do you have so much clutter? And why don’t you bring it with you into the 21st century? I mean, you really don’t expect someone to walk around inside and be able to visualize themselves living here if all your crap things are covering every inch of this place, do you?

Well no, I guess not.

Okay good, let’s work on that then.

Folks, its summertime. With summertime, comes the season of homes going on the market. With that, comes a ton of home renovations- because it’s finally nice out to do so! I say this with all the love in the world, but if that was you that I sat down and spoke to above, then it may be time to hop to it.

Lets face it, people tend to not want to fix up their house as soon as they move into it, so why not do it for them, and increase the value of your home at the same time? It will pay off! This goes hand-in-hand with last weeks post about the backsplash too. At one point I mentioned that if you put a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom(s) then that would really increase the value of your home… well, that isn’t the only thing you should do. The kitchen and bathrooms should definitely be your first focus though, because those two areas are the ones that pay off the most when you are looking to increase home-value.

Another thing you can do is hire a stager. A home stager is an asset to selling your house. You may think that this is something you can do on your own but trust me, it is something that you want to leave up to the professionals because they will make a HUGE difference. It is all about appealing to the buyer’s eye, and you may not know the area, or the target customer. The home stager will know this AND make your house appeal to those buyers, to get your house sold!

Here are some before & afters of home staging done by our
**Certified Interior Stylist Marsha Wheeler:


Isn’t she great? Staging makes such a big impact and really goes without enough recognition. There is something very vaulable about having someone fix up your house who doesn’t own it and hasn’t lived there for 20 years. This is a good thing, because they can have clear vision and an objective eye when it comes to the possibility of your home.

I hope this has inspired you today and that you take selling your home very seriously from now on. Just because you LOVE that old blue carpet in the living room, does NOT mean the future owners will, sorry.

Bye for now,




**Marsha Wheeler is certified through Canadian Staging Professionals http://www.canadianstagingprofessionals.com