Barrels {of Monkeys!}


Hello Charming Edgers!

Look at what we have here…..Awe inspiring aren’t they? These little beauties are some new additions to the OTED shop, and we are so glad to have them, can’t you just imagine all the rustic and wonderful potential that these little babies have? We haven’t fully decided what to do with all of them yet. However, I thought I’d take this post to share some of the inspiring things barrels can be turned into, and see what your opinion is!

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The first use is tables! Whether used as small coffee tables, end tables, or full side tables, we love the rustic charm that comes unexpectedly with these. They can even be used as little garden tables! Nothing like a little barrel to bring some country chic into your space.

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The next use is by far my favorite! LAMPS, CHANDELIERS AND PENDANTS OH MY! I am especially a lover of the industrial drop pendant made from the barrel bindings. It’s masculine, and clean, and just pleasantly unique.

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The Last few images on barrels just stresses how inspiring and limitless the possibilities are. How about a barrel sink? Or Large mirror? We at OTED are very interested to see where our designers take these barrels and look forward to keeping you in the know. If you have a specific desire for something to be created from one of these barrels, feel free to shoot us an email, message, post, or tweet!

Keeping inspired,