Fabulous Floors

In honour of last week’s post on tiling, I wanted to make today’s blog post something on the fun side. So instead of talking your ear off and trying to tell you about the history and make of each of the following photos, I want you to simply look, admire and enjoy.

If all this post does is give you a new appreciation of the amazing and creative ways a floor can be done (tile or not), then I have done my job this week.

Please take your time with each photo. Notice the details, and the craftsmanship. Because that is what they all deserve.

Have fun!


ImageImageImageThe one above is tile made with the words from a book written out on them! Incredible!!ImageImageImageThe photo above is a floor made out of PENNIES!! How resourceful!Image

ImageImageImageImageImageImageLove the pattern in the photo above! It’s like a weave!ImageImageThe transition from the wood floor to tile is beautiful in the picture above. It looks seamless and really brings the rustic and the modern together in this design.

ImageImageI hope you have enjoyed our “fabulous flooring” demonstration today.

We’ll see you next week!

Same time, same place!