Reduce, Re-use {RESTORED}

There is something beautiful about taking something old and making it new. We call it restoration. Or reclaiming. Making this type of furniture is one of our passions at Over The Edge Design and now that this “movement” (if you will) is on the rise, we cannot be more happy about it!


This is just a sample of the amazing reclaimed wood furniture we have created in the past. The beauty of this type of furniture is that you can incorporate it into your interior space and it instantly has a more organic feel.

It is becoming more and more important that the world flips over to the eco-friendly side of life and following this trend does just that. “Antiquing” and (don’t slap me for saying this) but Garage-saling are a big part of this movement as well. For years we’ve been taught to reduce, re-use, and recycle and you never know what you will find doing either of these! There are some beautiful pieces in my own home that I never would’ve found in a newly manufactured store. Furniture just isn’t made with the same quality like it used to, but we are determined to change that.

The amazing thing that we do is that we find or purchase old pieces of wood that no longer serve their purpose and imagine what their new life can be. Then we make it happen. Just recently Jeff (Owner of OTE) and our carpenter Brook took an over 200 year old piece of barn wood from a threshing floor in Coburg and made it into a beautiful table by adding hand-welded steel base and legs. Check out this beauty:



Here it is in its new owner’s house!


Here are some other reclaimed inspirations that we love:

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Now friends, feel inspired to search and hunt for unique pieces you love that you can incorporate into your home. If they look a little tired, give them a sand and maybe a new coat of paint. Just know that every piece you re-use or even reclaim, you are helping your environment (and making your home look amazing!).

If you don’t have time for that, give us a call.

We’ll help you out 🙂