Our Guide To Outdoor Entertaining

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately and it had me thinking- we need to host a party! We moved into our home almost a year ago and we now have a BBQ (that my hubby found on the side of the road in amazing condition) and nice patio set that we swindled off of my brother and sister-in-law (just kidding!) So now we almost have enough to throw a mini shin-dig in our backyard.

Yesterday I was feeling nostalgic about the days of summer I would have as a teenager; many of which included patio BBQs and days in the pool. I drove to the store to pick up a package that was waiting for me and on my way back home I took a little detour. Hubby was home with the baby and she was already in bed, so it was just me and the road, and I wanted to savour it.

The sun was getting ready for bed itself and slowly the sky started to turn its magical colours. As I turned down a country road in my Jeep I decided to roll down the windows, turn up the radio and just let my hands wave in the wind. It was wonderful.

Just like the cruise I enjoyed that night, “party at my house!” is definitely something that happens less and less as we grow up. Since they are few and far between, you should try to make each party you host as best as it can be.

Here are a few essential things you should have when hosting a great outdoor party:


Image1. Seating- Tons of people will be joining you at this party and since you want to make them feel comfortable and you want them to make themselves at home, seating is the most important thing(s) to include at your party.

Image2. Barbecue- You and your guests will eventually get hungry and if they are over for a lunch or dinner time party you absolutely need something to cook on outside. There is nothing worse than being the cook stuck inside and not being able to chat with your guests. A barbeque is definitely best for this- but if you have an outdoor kitchen, you are set!Image

ImageImage3. Lighting- The third most important thing you need is lighting. Most parties happen in the mid-afternoon to night time and lighting is a great way to set the mood while you are entertaining everyone outside. It is also mandatory if you plan on remaining outside when the sun sets or nobody can see who they are talking to! Even if you settle for tea lights galore, make sure your guests don’t need to find a flash light to see the glass in their hand.

Image4. Ambient Music- Not only is it important to maintain ambient lighting for your get together but it’s a very good idea to put some music on as well. Guests want to feel welcome and of course you plan on talking with them and they will chat with others, but just to have a buffer, background music is perfect for those quieter times in-between conversations.

ImageImageImage5. Greenery- This is an easy essential to fulfill. You are outside, so there better be grass out there. However, if you want to add some extra ‘oomph’ to the scenery, put a large potted plant in the corner to give the environment more of a private feel.

ImageImage6. Colourful Decor- Here is my favourite part (of course) customization!! Adding colourful decoration to you outdoor party will take it from ‘drab’ to ‘fab’ (as some may say). A few throw pillows or maybe bright coloured candle holders for your tea lights are a simple way to achieve this. Like the golden rule says: a little goes a long way.


ImageImage7. Table Settings- Last but not least, table settings are a definitive way to make your guests feel welcome and know that they were expected and you love that they are here; because they have their own spot! If the wind picks up however, you may want to put their name on something heavier, like a mini potted plant, or maybe a fruit. Like this:ImageNow that you have the tools you need for your party, make sure to invite us! We will definitely give it that extra decorative touch to make it sparkle and shine.

Take care,