The Edge and New Site

Hey Edgers!

We would like to apologize for the temporary website as we were busy trying to make it as true to ourselves as possible…AND NOW IT’S UP!

So run, right now, and check it out!

Website here!

My favourite addition to the site is by far “The Edge”, giving you an insight into why we are so edgy and why we love it that way!

“The Edge”

At Over the Edge Design, we find “The Edge” of every clients personality and bring it to light. We challenge their creativity and provide that look and style that is just outside the comfort zone of “Normal”. Unique but still sane, different from your neighbours without offense, funky enough to boast your individuality while still hosting a 5 course sit down dinner party.

Our designers spend their day to day lives walking “The Edge”, and that is what makes us so familiar with it. From firefighting, to crossfit, to stage performing and sailing.

We are the sophisticated business women with tattoos under our blouses, the CEO’s who swap their loafers for Converse and the yacht club members who will have Sunday morning brunch with parents after Saturday Night beers with friends. Your personality is not run-of-the-mill, so why should your home be?

We are not put off by the quirks of clients, we rather embrace them and integrate those quirks into their interior spaces… We can’t wait to find your Edge!

And in honor of this “Edge” here are some awesome pictures of our staff being their “plain” selves!

416960_358180500940933_1068947158_n945507_10201142893356725_412587667_nOur owner, Jeff lives both his professional and personal life over the edge! (and his day job is part of the inspiration behind our logo.) 


Our Ops Manager, Beth styling a photo shoot with gas masks.


Rebekah, our Social Media Manager, rocking a stage performance.


Marsha, our Interior Stylist for Durham, flying away.


and Misty, our Interior Stylist for Halton, soaking up some zen on a beach.


Brook is our full time shop guy, carpenter, cabinet builder and all round fun loving, talented guy. Racing sport bikes is where he finds his “edge”.

Now that you know some of our pass times, get out there and go enjoy yours!

Until next time Edgers,