Better Recognize! {A Spotlight On ‘The Corsage Project’ & ‘Inside The Dream’}

The second most important night of a girl’s life (as a teenager anyway) is her prom. My prom was almost 10 years ago (YIKES!) and I definitely remember it being a huge deal to me, and to all of my friends. I searched and searched for the dress I had in mind. But every store only had the opposite of what I was looking for- ‘the little white dress’. Then one day after shopping for hours (again) I finally stumbled into the last store I had ever thought I would go into and there it was! Sure it had a little belt attached to it, but I could work with that! Next I found a gorgeous aqua blue, beaded, bold statement necklace and white strappy sandals and handbag to match the dress, and I was set. Off to the prom I went to have a fabulous time with my date, outside of the prom. That’s right, we pretty much skipped it and had a great time exploring the garden outside. Oh, the things we look back upon.

Every girl deserves the same experience I had. Full of memories that make us smile and even laugh. The ability to dream of her ideal dress for months leading up to the event, finding it, and buying it. It is definitely something that the majority of highschool students take for granted, and they call to the aid of their parents.

But what of those we don’t think of? Those single mom or even single dad families who we don’t realize are struggling to make ends meet? Or maybe a teenager’s parents told them to pay for it themselves and they just can’t afford it? Any underprivileged kids! Not all teenagers in highschool have the financial stability in their homes we assume they may have. Or maybe their parent’s just don’t value this kind of thing enough to pay for it. Shouldn’t they be able to go to the prom too?

  “‘Many of these students were not only working hard at
      school but were also holding down part- time jobs to help
      support their families. For them, attending prom was simply
too expensive.”‘
(via The Corsage Project)

‘The Corsage Project’, owned by Carole Atkins and Rhona Sallay was created to meet the needs of these underprivileged girls so they are able to attend their prom. One day every year, TCP hosts a ‘Boutique Ball’ where all of the girls in need gather to shop and be pampered. Everything is donated to TCP, so the girls are able to choose their dress and accessories (with a personal shopper) as well as receive goodie bags AND have a professional make-up consultation, for free!

To donate or get involved with The Corsage Project please visit:


Can’t forget the guys! ‘Inside The Dream’ makes sure of that. Celebrating their 10th year, this company was designed to supply not only gowns to gals but suits and tuxes to guys as well. ITD also has a Boutique Day where the kids will choose their outfit, get tailored and choose the accessories to top off their look. These teenagers are now able to let go of their worries because ITD can also meet their needs for Prom or Graduation!
To donate or get involved with Inside The Dream please visit:

At Over The Edge Design, we strive to not only meet the needs of those who dream of a beautiful space, but we believe it is important to reach out to help those in need as well. We are also an official sponsor of the Big Brothers organization in Clarington.

So let this post inspire you, especially now that Prom and graduation season is upon us, to open those closet doors, pull out that dress (or suit) that probably doesn’t fit you anymore and you will never wear again, and donate it.

At least you will know that you will be making another person’s dream come true.

How amazing is that?!