Your Floral Fix

Spring is in full swing now. It’s nice today that the weather is starting to feel that way as well. I know we are all hoping it stays this way until summer time.

Oh Spring. You bring on so many delightful feelings, changes and holidays that we love. Mother’s day (my first!) is next month, which reminds me of the years past when a fresh bouquet of flowers would be displayed on my parent’s dining room table every year. Good ‘ol dad, always knew how to do it right.

My pansies and daffodils are already sitting pretty on my front porch however, and I can’t help but feel like I need to pay homage to the “pattern” that is floral.

I’m not talking about our Grandmother’s (or even Mother’s) floral. Like this: Image

No, nothing like that. Floral nowadays should be done tastefully, and in moderation. It also can be used as a statement piece in a manner to make it look unique. Rather than matching your couch, curtains and wallpaper to the carpet. YIKES!

Here are some examples so you catch my drift.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Here’s a quick tip about decorating with floral: mix different patterns to create more depth. Just make sure each pattern has a common denominator and one pattern is in a larger scale. Your patterns should never be competing, they should only compliment eachother.

This is what I mean:Image

In this photo, the Chevron pattern definitely takes the cake for the boldest (is that a word?) pattern. Whereas the other two patterns are still noticeable and catch the eye, they are just done in a smaller scale which makes them take the background when sitting next to the Chevron. Since they are all the same shade of gold, they blend very well as a patterned pillow family.

I hope you enjoyed my lesson for today!

Take care Edgers,