Spectacle! Sheridan’s Year End Show


Last Tuesday, Jeff (The Boss), Beth (Operations Manager) and Misty (Interior Stylist) visited the Year End Show for Sheridan Colleges Visual Merchandising Program. The theme was “Spectacle”, a circus inspired event full of whimsy and contrasting raw elements.

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           Through out the show we were able to speak with a few graduating students who really set the bar in the eyes of us Edgers. Their social skills and creative minds blew us out of the water with their fresh new take on design and work ethics. They showed us complete portfolios full of inspiring images with the strong technical skills to accompany the “pretty” things.


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        The most astounding thing about this event was the pure drive some of these fresh grads had. We had a few who just sauntered right up and were like “Hey, you should know me, I’m awesome.” This attitude was so Edgy we couldn’t help but love them and spend more time chatting up our potential new hires. Without being too detailed, we were wowed by builders in ballgowns, striped legged rocker chicks and dapper gentlemen with unique business plans. (No such thing as cookie cutter new hires here)

       This event is certainly perfect if you are looking to hire within this industry! The students come with such a wide array of talents and skills and you can’t help but be pulled in by their creativity.


482684_10152749434780323_1905060403_nAnd this little fellow was by far my favourite! Bizarre and slightly creepy(or cute) but also fitting perfectly to the Circus theme! Spending our night in this atmosphere was fantastic, and certainly gave us another awesome perspective into the world of Merchandising.

Well, Ciao For Now Edgers!

*All Photos Courtesy of Jaclyn O’Rourke