To Homeshow, Or Not To Homeshow? {That Is The Question}

This weekend (starting today) there are two homeshows scheduled to take place. The “Niagara Home and Garden” homeshow in Grimsby, and the “Lifestyle homeshow” in Oakville.

Now, homeshow you say? What happens at a homeshow?

Well homeshows are generally located in a large building (usually an arena or convention centre) and at this event, many businesses will come together to promote their work. It can be a rather fun place to be when you think about it. Walking down an aisle with everyone wanting to talk to you and sell you their specialty. Its kind of flattering!

Who goes to homeshows and why should I care? Well first off, the homeshow isn’t necessarily for everyone. They can be fun but they can also be a ‘wee bit repetitive, especially if you are visiting several in the region you live in. Most businesses will attend several to attract a wider range of customers. The homeshow go-er is most likely a home owner and it is the perfect opportunity for them to explore their options if they are considering a renovation, or certain upgrade to their home. It’s also where you would find businesses like ours as well who want to make your home beautiful, just as you do!

If you don’t own a home, don’t fret. The homeshow is also a great place to win free stuff! As well as hand out a resume and check out different trades if you aren’t sure what career you would like in the future.

Either way, the homeshow is a great place to be on a rainy Spring weekend. Try to visit one this weekend! You will have a ball.

Take care Edgers,