The Joys of Placement Positions

Hello Edgers!

Today I would like to give you some incite into our experience with a pretty cool program. This awesome program is the Visual Merchandising Program at Sheridan College! And a few weeks ago, we had 2 young ladies spend 2 weeks seeing how we operate and getting their hands dirty in the production sides of things. These lovely ladies were Taylor Dolson and Lindsay Rea.

photo (2)photo (1)


Here are our lovely ladies working on a bar for The Old Newcastle House (The Pub). They built it, and popped it on, and then spent a week planning and digitally rendering their design ideas for overhaul of The Pub (more on that later).

Getting to know our students was an interesting journey, here are some Q&A with Taylor and Lindsay:

What is your definition of good design?

  • Taylor: When I think of what defines good design I think of all my design aspects; fashion, art, interiors, architecture, and other creative arts. Design can be simple, but have a profound effect of its viewers. To me, good design should not only be beautiful to look at, but practical for what its intended use is. Good design is innovative, functional, long-lasting and user-oriented. Good design should not just rely on how something looks, but also on the products overall performance and purpose for it’s consumers. Dedicating time for care and accuracy in the initial design process will create overall satisfaction and trust within your brand. Good design is equally useful and appealing… and useful in the context, includes being durable and well-aging, not just well-conceived.
  • Lindsay:To  me  good  design  is  not  only  when  something  is  appealing  to  look  at,  but  when  it  is   functional  as  well.  It  is  very  easy  for  an  object  to  serve  only  one  purpose,  but  is  the   best  when  it  serves  both.  There  is  nothing  better  then  finding  a  piece  that  fits  your   aesthetic  but  also  perfectly  serves  the  job  you  needed  it  to  do. Like  a  chair  that  fits   perfectly  in  the  décor  of  your  living  room,  but  is  also  super  comfortably,  the  correct   height  off  the  floor  for  you,  and  has  the  correct  backing  to  match  yours.

Lindsay’s Inspiration

Taylor’s Inspiration

Placements, Internships, Work Studies, Fellowships, etc. Whatever you may call them, they are valuable resources for students and employers alike. For students they offer an unique view into the working world and employers get a chance to try out potential skills in potential employees. All around a great idea!  So employers, open the doors (and your arms) to taking in some placement students, you may be pleasantly surprised:)


Until next time, so long Edgers!