An Ode To The Kids

WE FORGOT KEVIN! Kate screamed as she finally remembered what was giving her an uneasy feeling about something being left behind. 

Nostalgia is what most of us are feeling when they think back on the 1990 family favourite Home Alone. And just like the McCallister family did not mean to forget about their son Kevin at home when they left for vacation, I did not mean to forget about mentioning kids in design.

Three months ago (this coming Wednesday) I was blessed with a healthy, happy and beautiful baby girl named Lucy. The 42 weeks leading up to her arrival were the best and worst (those last two weeks were agonizing!) times of my life. With that came a lot of cleaning, planning and preparation for her to change our world. Therefore, I very recently dove into the world of baby bliss, trying to figure out how I was going to decorate her room.

What I found in my search were the following trends:



Bunk beds are all the rage now and it seems as though there is an unspoken challenge for every parent to display them in the most unique manner as well.




Whether you’re looking for a little pattern or a full wall mural, this is a great way to add some of your child’s personality to their room.




If you aren’t interested in creating some sort of mural wall, just apply some chalk board paint to an area of the room and let your child create the mural themselves! So easy!




One thing is for sure, colour is the way to go. You can do a little or a lot, but either way it will definitely make their room bright and fun.


I hope you enjoyed diving into another world with me. The mind of a child is such an amazing (and sometimes hilarious) thing. I think it is great when their personalities can be reflected in the place where your little boy or little girl spends their nights dreaming away and their days being a kid.

All I know is, at least the car bed is still in…Image

Take care Edgers,