White On White; The Cleanliness Of Spring

Although the first official day of Spring has not arrived yet, this past weekend’s gorgeous weather has people clinging to the hope of an early spring. With that comes a whole whack of newness to the world. First, Spring brings new colour to the world. Out goes the dark and moody clothes from our closets and in goes the bright, and fun ones that say “take me to the beach!” Bright colours also bring us to Easter, and new blooms in the garden. “Sigh.”

Second, Spring cleaning! This is a time of year most of us look forward to. Finally being able to open those windows and let the fresh air circulate our homes gives us a refreshing sense, uplifting our spirits and making us thankful that we lasted another cold winter. Being able to give the entire house a fresh new coat of clean lets us wipe away our mindful “To Do” lists as well.

One thing that I always relate cleaning and the look of clean to is the shade (it’s not actually a colour) of White. All things white. This happens to be a very popular trend within the last year or so as well! White has always been a shade related to ‘clean’. It is the actual shade representing purity, honesty, innocence, and new beginnings. Which makes sense that it could be related to Spring!

Take a look below at the many examples of the “All things white” trend:Image

I love how you can’t easily tell that this bathroom is quite small and cramped. White also has the unique skill of making small spaces appear larger. They did a great job of making use of every inch in this room.


This kitchen has a subtle hint of old and new. The stainless steel oven and range hood along with the glossy subway tile back-splash are the hints of new. Alongside of those are the rustic wood beams and 60’s style Fridge that play nicely together.



This dining room is definitely modern and looks amazing with the wood floor done in the herringbone pattern. With only a table, chairs, storage and a few accents this room speaks to the minimalist home owners.


Who doesn’t love a good mural wall? And what a fantastic collection of re-purposed antique-esque frames!



Similar to the previous white dining room, this would be the not so minimalist version. Keeping the modern style with the bucket chairs and small bits of metallic, this dining room has a fresh taste of industrialism as well. Notice those light fixtures?



Now for my absolute favourite and the inspiration for this post. This ever so white bedroom and the picture of relaxation and freshness to me. In this bed I would love to lie with the windows wide open and the fresh air rushing through my nose.

I think I just had a moment there.

Anyway Edgers, we hope you’ve found some inspiration in this post. So find rest in the thought that Spring is almost here, your ‘To-Do’ list will be done and then… SUMMER!