Congratulations Marsha!

marshalwheeler_1337098422_600This past week has been a very exciting week! We had placement students (more on that later) and our very own Marsha received her CSP Staging Certification! We are so proud that she is part of our team, and we firmly believe that it is vitally important to have certified staff.


One of the huge benefits of the CSP Staging course is that it sets a standard of quality that our clients expect us to meet and a standard that we as designers have agreed to follow. Marsha has been with OTE since we were just a Dad and Daughter team dreaming about starting a business and we are very glad we snagged her as she helped us build OTE into a reality.


The best part of hiring a staging professional is gaining the high standards that come with a formal training program. Marsha can look at the client’s needs and design concepts that are aesthetic, appropriately designated and functional. When you start planning to renovate or decorate, hiring a professional will ultimately save you time and money. At OTE, we can take you every step of the process from Concepts to Completion. Our designers are trained to give advice on everything from paint and finish selections, to custom furniture needs. They then take your requests and needs and make them a reality by ordering custom furniture and decor elements, and scheduling our trained staff to complete the paint jobs, furniture moving, and other interior upgrades.  All the needs for home decor in one place!

We are very proud of Marsha, and it goes without saying that Certified Professionals are the best Professionals for the job!

So long for now Edgers! Here’s to an inspiring week!