*I Scream for Ice Cream!* Wednesday in a Window



Well, It’s a day late and a dollar short. But do I have your attention with this scrumptious window display? Tiffany’s has maintained its status of high end jewelry and their impeccable window displays never disappoint  This one particularly grabs my attention.

It could be that the harsh winter is getting under my skin and I can’t wait for some warmer afternoons, it could also be that the colors are just so dreamy and pair perfectly with the bright colors in the jewelry.

Tiffanys Window


I love these bold colors, it makes me think of the coming warmth and fun filled afternoons with my daughter. These colors also look fantastic in Home design. Take a risk by adding some bold colors and prepare yourself for Spring!

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That’s all for now! I apologize for the late post. Wednesday kind of sneaked past me and before I knew it, it was gone!  (The joys of being busy!)

Ciao Edgers!